Introductory Training

Your first few months in as an anaesthesia resident or junior doctor will be one of the most challenging, rewarding and exciting. There are few other specialties where you will get anywhere near as much hands on experience in advanced skills such as arterial line placement, airway management including intubation and be involved in the direct management of very sick patients undergoing surgery.

With the lack exposure in most medical school curriculums it is no wonder that the your first rotation can be very challenging and a lot of the concepts foreign to most of the other medical specialties you have experienced.

This section is aimed at providing you with as much information to help you in those first few months. I want to;

  • Uncover those simple concepts you haven’t heard of
  • Simplify the complex areas and
  • Increase your learning curve.

If there are any topics you want covered, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I have also created The ABCs of Anaesthesia Boot Camp which is aimed at getting you ready for your first 6 months of anaesthesia. In this course I show you the basics of anaesthesia practice from start to finish and give you tips on how to get the most out of your rotation.

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