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    try the 5mins mindfulness / focus on breath before you begin..

    2017B Q4 Describe the generation and features of a normal awake EEG. Briefly discuss the processing performed by quantitative EEG monitors (such as BIS or Entropy) to produce a single number from the EEG.

    2019B Q5, 2017A Q3 Propofol and remifentanil target controlled infusions are given together as a total intravenous anaesthesia technique. Discuss pharmacological reasons why this is a useful combination.

    2017A Q9, 2014B Q7, 2007B Q4, 2006B Q6 A new test called the “intubation score” has a reported 90% sensitivity and 70% specificity when used to predict difficult intubation. Describe how this information and other statistics related to this test can be used in predicting difficult intubation. How will the incidence of difficult intubation affect the performance of this test?

    2016B Q15 Briefly describe the pharmacodynamics of agents used in the treatment of post-operative nausea and vomiting (PONV), with particular reference to their site of action and side effects.

    2015A Q5, 2013A Q6, 2013Ab Q6, 2009B Q1 Sevoflurane and fentanyl are a common anaesthetic drug combination. Discuss pharmacological reasons why it is useful to use them together.

    and throwback question 2019B Q2 Discuss the normal regulation of cerebral blood flow and outline physiological factors which may alter it. DO NOT discuss the effect of medications or pathology.

    and next week is welfare week! have a break, focus on yourselves, put things in perspective and get recharged for a few glorious weeks of respiratory!!







Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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