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Interactive Online Courses

The Viva Boot Camp


Are you sitting the Final ANZCA Exam?
The Viva Boot Camp teaches crucial exam technique in an interactive case-based system to prepare anaesthesia trainees for complex issues, clinical dilemmas, crisis management and more.

The ABCs of Anaesthesia Boot Camp


If you are just about to begin or have started your first anaesthetic term, this course series will teach you all the basics I wish I had learnt in my first 12 months of training.

Medical Students’ Guide to Anaesthesia Lecture Series


Learning anaesthesia as a medical student can be incredibly difficult. This course series will provide you with useful tips and tricks to set you up for internship, residency and anaesthesia in the future!

I-Excel SIMG Exam Course


This comprehensive course with an array of online resources, study groups and interactive practice exams is specifically tailored to address the non-technical, cultural and nuances of Australian practice to help Specialist International Medical Graduates pass the Final ANZCA Exam.

Adrenaline Memories Primary Exam Live Coaching


Adrenaline Memories created by Dr Stanley Tay, approaches learning for the ANZCA Primary Exam by simplifying and systematically answering short answer questions, MCQs and vivas in physiology, pharmacology, anatomy, measurement, equipment, quality and safety.

Online Courses

ABCs of Anaesthesia Foundations


This course will provide the training anaesthetist with the crucial knowledge, frameworks, practical skills and exposure to establish solid foundations as a specialist anaesthetist anaesthesia

Medical Students’ Guide to Anaesthesia ONLINE course


This online course provides medical students with the essentials and practical knowledge to improve their performance, learning curve and growth in anaesthesia.

The Anaesthesia Final Exam Course


The final exam is the last hurdle before graduating as an anaesthesia specialist. We want to provide you with all the tips and tricks to get you through this exam!

Viva Boot Camp Online


This online version of the Viva Boot Camp. This course aims to share all the tips, strategies and frameworks to pass the Final FANZCA Anaesthesia Exam with numerous core cases and drills.

IV Cannulation Mastery


This is the most comprehensive intravenous cannulation course online! You will learn all the basics as well as many advanced techniques to be successful with small veins, large cannulas, US guided access and more

ABCs of Anaesthesia

Check out the ABCs of Anaesthesia Youtube Channel for practical tips and tricks in anaesthesia and medicine

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ABCs of Anaesthesia Podcast

Have a listen to the ABCs of Anaesthesia Podcast with Lahiru and Kas as they talk about the basics of anaesthesia and interview guests

Anaesthesia Coffee Break Podcast

Studying for the Primary ANZCA exam? Tune in to Anaesthesia Coffee Break, with Stan and Lahiru, as they break down complex physiology and pharmacology concepts to help you pass the exam!


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The Anaesthesia Collective is about sharing the knowledge we have learned over our many years of anaesthesia practice. We want to provide useful information and resources to help doctors at all stages from the introductory training, the first and second part exam through to consultant practice. Our aim is to provide engaging content, practical tips and tricks, online forums, exam coaching and courses to help you excel in anaesthesia, increase your learning curve and provide better care for your patients.

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