Specialist international medical graduates (SIMG) have unique challenges when sitting the Final ANZCA exam.

There are many differences in the Australian exam format, language and cultural aspects as well as difficulties in re-engaging in a rigorous study program.

I-Excel is a comprehensive course with an incredible array of online resources, a robust syllabus, access to study groups and weekly interactive practice exams from specialist Australian anaesthetists.

How much does the course cost?

$99/month with a 7 day free trial

100% of our course income is donated to a reputable, independent and effective charity.

For further information, please email us at anzcaimg@gmail.com

This series will cover a range of topics including

  • Exam techniques and tips
  • Introductory statements and viva stems
  • How to make difficult decisions
  • Simplifying complicated situations
  • Frameworks and structures for assessment, planning, intraoperative crises and more
  • Live viva practice covering many surgical and specialty topics
  • Professional documents and ethical issues

Looking forward to seeing you at the course!

Dr Lahiru and Dr Narguess

I-Excel SIMG Exam Coaching

Online Course & Weekly Viva Practice

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Here are testimonials from previous trainees

“Precise and exam focused!”

“Good structure to guide through preparation”

“A comprehensive site for the SIMG exam candidates”

“Very crisp, hosts are very aware of the goals and stick to that”

“Interactive, practical and everyone gets chance”

“Focused on both the knowledge and technique of the viva”