Clinical Anaesthesia

Anaesthesia is a challenging, rewarding and exciting career. There are few other specialties where you need proficiency at practical skills, thorough medical and surgical knowledge and the ability to handle rapidly evolving clinical deteriorating and crises!.

This section is aimed at providing you clinical information to:

  • Learn all the basic concepts
  • Simplify the complex areas
  • Increase your learning curve
  • Progress to advanced knowledge and skills

Also check out the ABCs of Anaesthesia Boot Camp Series for online sessions.

Non-Technical Skills

A single case of a successful sphenopalatine block in a patient with a post dural puncture headache

Case Report Corresponding Author: S. Muthu S. Muthu,1 L. Amaratunge,2 1. Intensive Care Registrar, Western [...]

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Gastric Ultrasound – A peek into safer anaesthesia

By Monique Findlay, Zheng Cheng Zhu Key reference: Sidhu, N. S., & Pozaroszczyk, A. J. [...]

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Erecting the Pillars of Anaesthesia – Bringing Pain Free Surgery Into Reality

Erecting the Pillars of Anaesthesia- Bringing Pain Free Surgery Into Reality By Fawaz Prem Navaz, [...]

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Rationalising the current intraoperative analgesia climate – how can we minimise opioid use?

By Nicola Wevling, Zheng Cheng Zhu Key reference: Verret, P et al (2024). Intraoperative pharmacological [...]

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Useful Blogs

The subtle sounds of the operating theatre!

A brief introduction to the critical signals beyond what you can see Most anaesthetists probably [...]

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How to get started with regional anaesthesia

How to increase your learning curve when there are limited learning opportunities It seems that [...]

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How risky is surgery?

Surgery is such a complex field with immense variability in every patient. The ACS NSQIP [...]

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