The ABCs of Anaesthesia Boot Camp has grown into a series of interactive lectures covering all the important concepts, frameworks and knowledge you need to know in your first 12 months of anaesthesia.

Essentially my aim is to teach all the things that I wish I knew much much earlier.

These will include teaching all the basics and some advanced concepts in a structured way to increase your learning curve and improve your chances of being successful during your anaesthetic term.

Anaesthesia is a very specialised field of medicine and considerably different to the other specialties we were exposed to in our medical school and junior doctor days.

The day you arrive in theatre there are a lot of things you need to know immediately to reach a basic level of competence in anaesthesia… and many of these things you just pick up casually over the next few months.

I believe all these basic concepts are reasonably straightforward. With a bit of guidance, knowledge and effort, I want to help you to gain independence of practice MUCH sooner!

How much does the course cost?

Each session is $50-100 depending on the session

100% of our course income is donated to a reputable, independent and effective charity.

For any reason if you cannot afford the cost of the course or are from a developing nation, please email me for special consideration.

This course will provide a very structured approach with lots of hints, tips, resources and memory aids to get you to that level much sooner.

This series will cover a range of topics including

  • How to make the most of your rotation
  • The anaesthesia assessment
  • Optimising patients
  • How to decide whether to proceed or postpone surgery
  • Airway management theory
  • Tricky Anaesthesia inductions
  • Intraoperative problem solving
  • Crisis management
  • Aspiration risk
  • Perioperative medicine topics and more!

Check out the course dates below. After selecting the date and course you will be redirected to a ticketing page.

Any questions feel free to send me an email:

All the best for your rotation in anaesthesia!

Dr Lahiru Amaratunge
Consultant Anaesthetist

ABCs of Anaesthesia Boot Camp Series

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Here are testimonials from previous trainees

“Systematic and very real world based – Great explanations “

“The interactive and engaging nature of the session. Wish I had done this before I started anaesthesia.”

“A super informative course. You have an enthusiastic and easy to follow style and I felt comfortable asking questions without fear of sounding stupid.”

“Interactive format and excellent framework to approach most aspects of anaesthesia”

“The structure of teaching a framework then applying it to cases was fantastic”

“I just wanted to say a big thank you – I’ve done a lot of courses and this one blew the rest out of the water. ”