We are committed to providing high quality educational resources in anaesthesia to improve practice and patient care.

Dr Amaratunge’s class was extremely well organised, succinct and to the point. It was a great experience!”

– Student at The Viva Boot Camp

The story behind ABCs of Anaesthesia and Anaesthesia Collective:


The Anaesthesia Collective is about sharing the knowledge we have learned over our many years of anaesthesia practice.

We want to provide useful information and resources to help doctors at all stages from the introductory training, the first and second part exam through to consultant practice.

Our aim is to provide engaging content, practical tips and tricks, online forums, exam coaching and courses to help you excel in anaesthesia, increase your learning curve and provide better care for your patients.

Meet Our Team

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Lahiru Amaratunge


Stan Tay

Cofounder Anaesthesia Coffee Break podcast

Kas Wickramarachchi

Cofounder ABCs of Anaesthesia podcast


Victor Lim

Content creation

Nevin Walpola

Video editing

Emma Charlton

Content creation

Jarron Dodds

Content creation

Nick Woodland

Online course building

Dr Ruth

Lead Lecture Coordinator

Dr Hannah

Lead Events Coordinator

Dr Joe

Website Development

Dr Megan Shaw

Final Exam Teaching and Online Course Creation


Matt Vella

Adam George

Jarron Dodds

Adelaide Dennis

Ikram Kalam