This is an intensive, interactive exam preparation course for advanced trainees in anaesthesia about to sit the final viva exam.

Essentially my aim is to teach all the techniques, structures and verbal skills that were crucial to my success in this exam.

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100% of our course income is donated to a reputable, independent and effective charity.

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These online sessions on zoom are incredibly interactive to enhance your learning.
We will run through many many cases using specific techniques to give you a good understanding of how to use them.

Session 1 topics

  • How to effectively summarise difficult situations
  • How to approach viva stems
  • How to speak eloquently when faced with challenging cases
  • How to address multiple priorities in a case
  • Professional documents and ANZCA standards

Session 2 topics

  • A framework for challenging inductions
  • Perioperative problem solving and patient deterioration
  • Immersive Scenarios
  • Integrating crisis management with a structured system

Viva Boot Camp for the ANZCA Final Exam

Sessions 1 and 2 dates

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I believe all these concepts are reasonably straightforward. So with a bit of guidance, practice and minimal extra knowledge I want you to be able tackle this exam with more confidence and articulate the knowledge you already have with precision.

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If you are unable to attend the course or want to review the material the Full Videos are available for purchase through this link.

Hope to see you at the course!

Dr Lahiru Amaratunge
Consultant Anaesthetist

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Here are testimonials from previous trainees

“Awesome day! Practical, relevant and exam focussed”

“Excellent lecture material and great interactions”

“Lots of practice and ways to simplify complex scenarios”

“Eye opener to deciphering the secret ‘ANZCA’ way to answer questions”

“Extremely well organised, succinct and to the point”

“The lectures were extremely useful for an organised framework”