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Pain Workbook

Click to download this as a PDF Document Objectives Define pain Explore how it is classified Refresh the physiology of nociception and pain Review the pharmacological treatment of pain Explore the notion of multimodal analgesia Use RAT approach to manage pain Prereading Great presentation called Essential Pain Management by Wayne Morris and Roger Goucke […]

How to Solve Common Problems

Click to download this as a PDF Document Objectives To develop a thorough system for diagnosing and managing common problems To develop a list of differential diagnosis for each presentation. Identify the most likely causes Identify the critical causes not to be misses Introduction Internship will be one of the most difficult transitions you’ll have […]

Advanced Life Support

Click to download this as a PDF Document Objectives By the end of this module you will Know the ALS flowchart from memory Know the first vital priorities when arriving at an arrest Know the crucial detail necessary to save lives in ALS Reference Flowcharts and ALS guidelines documents Background Successful resuscitation requires many […]

How risky is surgery?

Surgery is such a complex field with immense variability in every patient. The ACS NSQIP risk calculator is an incredibly useful resource to help understand the surgical risk is an exceptional resource to provide reasonably accurate and patient specific risk information to help guide your perioperative decision making. This calculator uses a series of […]

Trust the process…

Whether you are a medical student just starting on your anaesthesia journey or an experienced specialist, focus more on a diligent, mindful process rather than the outcome. I was recently supervising an exceptional trainee. He did everything right to make the most from our operative list together. He texted me the night before with things […]