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The subtle sounds of the operating theatre!

A brief introduction to the critical signals beyond what you can see Most anaesthetists probably remember the first time they heard the ‘death spiral’. This is a colloquial term used for the lowering pitch of the pulse oximeter tone as the oxygen levels fall. Once learnt, it becomes an unforgettable and daily part of your […]

How to get started with regional anaesthesia

How to increase your learning curve when there are limited learning opportunities It seems that regional anaesthesia is somewhat past its heyday.  Many hospitals have adopted other techniques for pain management in operations that were once common practice grounds for regional, hospitals don’t have the systems set up to facilitate fast turnover and having sufficient time for […]

How risky is surgery?

Surgery is such a complex field with immense variability in every patient. The ACS NSQIP risk calculator is an incredibly useful resource to help understand the surgical risk is an exceptional resource to provide reasonably accurate and patient specific risk information to help guide your perioperative decision making. This calculator uses a series of […]

Trust the process…

Whether you are a medical student just starting on your anaesthesia journey or an experienced specialist, focus more on a diligent, mindful process rather than the outcome. I was recently supervising an exceptional trainee. He did everything right to make the most from our operative list together. He texted me the night before with things […]