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The Dreaded Cover Letter

Love them or loathe them, the cover letter is an essential component of your application for resident and registrar critical care roles. While some consider the cover letter to be a mere formality, I encourage you to approach the letter as an important opportunity to impress the selection panel and increase your competitive edge over […]

Perfecting your Resume

Every year selection committees for critical care jobs receive hundreds of Resumes/curriculum vitae’s (CVs) from applicants competing for a handful of positions. Applicants are typically highly ambitious individuals with a broad range of experience and achievements, however many struggle to collate this information into a succinct and impactful Resume. Given the competitive nature of these […]

Seeking out strong references

References are arguably the most important element of your job application. While the CV and cover letter provide an opportunity for you to outline your strengths and experience, references allow senior doctors who have worked alongside you to evaluate your performance against key selection criteria. A strong reference could be your key to progressing though […]

The Power of Mentors

Navigating a new career path can be daunting. This is especially true for junior doctors seeking to pursue competitive medical specialties. For prevocational doctors interested in anaesthesia it can be difficult to know how to excel in your anaesthetic rotation, how to position yourself strongly for a trainee position, and how to overcome obstacles you […]

Tips for getting started with research and audit

The idea of contributing to medical research typically evokes a strong range of reactions from junior doctors. Many revel at the chance to advance scientific knowledge, while others despair at the thought of trying to fill the empty space that sits beneath the ‘research and audit’ heading of their CV. Regardless of your level of […]

Benefits of Continuing Medical Education

Critical care disciplines, especially anaesthesia, are becoming increasingly popular. It is now commonplace for Australian tertiary hospitals to receive several hundred applications for only a handful of positions. Trying to work out the best strategy to secure one of these jobs can feel like a bit of a gamble. However, unlike going to the casino, […]